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■ Productivity

The SC-F10030H is equipped with six 4.7-inch PrecisionCore micro TFP printheads. High-speed printing of approximately 99m²/h is achieved in 3.1Pass mode (600 x 600dpi*) with practical image quality. In order to operate the large head at high speed, a powerful motor is used, and the rail supporting the head has been changed to a strong structure and material to increase the head speed and paper feed speed. In addition to a large heater, a dryer that blows hot air onto the print surface is installed to ensure high drying performance, reducing ink show-through during winding even during high-speed printing.

Productivity can be maximized.

*: When outputting in multi-layer halftone

Printer Head
Heater of printer

■Stable operation

Various measures are taken to prevent nozzle clogging during printing in order to keep the printer running stably and continuously. The media cleaner on the back of the printer prevents the intrusion of dirt and dust, which can cause missing dots, into the printer and prevents print errors. The suction fan also expels any dust that has entered the printer. Furthermore, during head cleaning, the cloth wiper removes dirt and dust, which are the main causes of nozzle clogging, from the head, supporting continuous operation. Missing dots on the print head are automatically detected for each print job to improve nozzle missing. Maintains image quality and reduces print errors.

Ink is standard equipped with a large-capacity ink supply unit that can hold two 10L (liter) inks per color and up to 20L of ink for each color. In addition, it is equipped with an auto tension control that senses and controls various conditions such as the diameter and weight of the media in real time to keep the tension of the paper constant. Since the paper is transported stably and accurately regardless of the type of paper, continuous printing is possible with peace of mind.

■Downtime reduction

"User self-repair maintenance" reduces downtime. If necessary, we can replace the print head and specific parts by ourselves, so even in the unlikely event of a head failure, we can minimize downtime and guarantee stable production.

■Equipped with safe and secure ink

Epson eco passport

In addition to the basic ink set of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), light cyan/light magenta is installed for interior decoration and soft signage applications that require high color reproducibility.

The ink is a textile ink for sublimation transfer developed for printing on polyester fabric. We have acquired Eco Passport certification, which proves that even printed textiles that are touched by infants are safe.

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