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​Sublimation transfer print

We hope that through sublimation transfer printing,

we can spread the connection with various customers.

Always taking on new challenges, sublimation transfer

We pursue possibilities and color management that our customers will appreciate.

​ Sublimation transfer printer

It uses the latest 6-color printer from Epson​ for fast and stable printing. Because light cyan and light magenta are used as special colors, beautiful prints without gradation graininess can be printed as images. Maximum width is 1900mm


A continuous sublimation press filled with 100% oil,

Equipment that achieves both stable production and production efficiency

We also have our own idea mechanism.

Supports roll-to-roll and piece-to-piece.

1900mm width

Flat type sublimation press machine is 600x800mm

​laser cut

Two laser cutters line the outline of the print, read from the top camera.

The shortest route cut can be made along the

Is possible.


We will process the printed product.

Filled with polyester cotton, sewn with a sewing machine, and attached with a zipper, the shape is changed to become a product. Please leave it to us if it is a product using fabric, sewing machine, or cotton.

OEM, ODM are available.

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