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Print Cushion Cover


​We are a "Laube" business that produces cushions, pillows, bedding, and sewn products.

​ Consists of a print business centered

on print-related products centered

on sublimation transfer.

​A Japanese company that exports to Vietnam,

Japan, and neighboring countries.

​In order to beat the cost competition with

local companies, we are always thinking

about introducing automatic machines and optimizing production lines

and production equipment.

sublimation, Pillow

​Business content

Aiming for the best customer!



Mainly using polyester fiber

cushions, pillow, bedding,

cover etc.

We produce and sell materials.

Sublimation transfer print 昇華転写


Sublimation transfer to polyester fabric

​ We are printing.

Goods after printing and sewing of covers

Please choose for me.

Adobe Stock_432584593.jpeg

​New product

New products produced by our company

Introducing. products made from Polyester fiber,

​I will introduce various things 

I printed and others.


101/1-3,AMATA Industrial Park,

Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City,

Dongnai Province,VIETNAM


Send completed.


Owner's Company

Name:              ARAI CO., LTD.

Capital:            40,320,000 Yen

Year founded: 1968

Head office:    Kyoto, Japan



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